I swear that I'm not obsessed with puppies. They are just cute and make me smile. But even I have my limits. Last night, there was a show on called "America's Cutest Puppies." Of course, it got my attention instantly. First they brought out a bunch of puppies in front of the judges, and the judges chose their ten cutest, just by looking at their faces. Okay, so it's puppies; they can't exactly give speeches about wanting world peace.

Then, the ten cutest puppies came back out and were to be judged on "playfulness." Meanwhile, all of this was punctuated by a Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader (it took place in Philadelphia) doing cheers like "P-U-P-P-I-E-S, Yaaaaaay, puppies!!!!!!"

In the playfulness category, a golden retriever puppy came out and chased the light from a laser pointer. The judges were extremely impressed by this. Then some puppies showed that they knew how to "sit." Great. All the pups were purebred, which was boring and didn't really advance the cause of getting people to consider adopting homeless pups as well.

They used the "playfulness" category to narrow the field further to five puppies, but at that point I turned it off. I like looking at cute puppies, but even I have standards.

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