The Boy and I went to a famous cupcake place, Crumbs in NYC. They have a few locations. I think the 'cupcake craze' is really just a way to eat a lot of frosting on a tiny bit of cake, and it doesn't seem all that hard to gain a following if you open a cupcake store and dollop a LOT of frosting on and color it. More obviously, it's just a sneaky way to put butter and sugar in your mouth. But yum, some do it so very well.

The above photo shows what we bought.


The green one was supposed to be "key lime" but I think someone forgot to flavor it that day. The frosting was plain frosting that happened to look green. The raspberry one was delicious and had raspberry filling too. Fluffernutter (the one with white sprinkles) was also good.

Now if only I can find a way to work this into a diet...

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