Yes! Yessss!

Junot Diaz' long-awaited second novel is finally coming out next fall. However, it's coming out the day after Labor Day weekend, which is a terrible time for books. People are going back to school and are consumed with their school duties. Parents are consumed with their kids' school duties. People bought books all summer long for their vacations and are done with pleasure-reading for a while.

However, since it's been 10 years since Diaz' first book, an easy-to-read but stil literary short story compendium, DROWN, made a big splash (ha ha), the new book is likely to make waves (ho ho). Part of it appeared in the New Yorker several years ago and was great.

I also was in Diaz' journalism class in high school, which is a story I will tell, well, probably never, but it was interesting.

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