Super Bowl Monday

I went to a small Super Bowl (two words) party last night. It was fun! Many thanks to the host and hostess. The game itself was pretty sloppy, being played in the rain, but still fun to watch.

Prince was excellent at halftime. His Royal Purpleness did a great job.

The Boy told me that the Chicago Sun-Times has been picking relentlessly on Bears QB Rex Grossman. I checked today, and they are cutting him a little slack (some of them, anyway.)

On another note...some of the reporters at the newspaper I work for are so young. They come to me and say they couldn't find a phone number, and they say they looked allllll over the internet for it. And then, when I ask if they called Information, they didn't even think to do that. Durr.


I was just outside and I saw a guy pour tea out of his car, and it froze on the pavement.

Don't go out there.

The Boy says that USA Today and ESPN have some mean stories about Rex.

I guess I can't feel tooo bad for him...he probably made hundreds of thousands of dollars for being in the Super Bowl.

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