Wednesday Mailbag

("Monday mailbag" would sound better, but I didn't think of it in time.)

A sportswriter I know writes:

"don't worry about people being 'mean' to Rex Grossman, that's what sportswriters and columnists are paid to do. It's a staple of sports radio."

Okay, I guess taking the criticism is par for the course. Just like if you're a politician. And Rex makes more money. Still, do they have to be such meanies? It's not like Rex is sending soldiers to Iraq.

A New Yorker writes:

You've been engaged for a month now, right? How does it feel? Have you kiled each other yet? My first month living with the future Mrs. [name withheld to protect the innocent], we had a few rough spots and a battle over toothpaste, but eventually we figured it out. Compromises are definitely worth it.

So far so good. We haven't fought over toothpaste, but ...Hopefully you didn't give the Boy any ideas! Anyways, there are always initial compromises to make when growing with someone, but it's sure worth it when you love someone (awwww).

T. writes:

I have a combonym for you! goatmeal: Oatmeal made with goat's milk.

Pretty good...I guess. Also, Sam from Hawaii had some Sniglets that weren't quite combonyms, but I lost the e-mail with them in it, so Sam from Hawaii, if you want to send again, I'll post them. Up to you.

Now go eat your goatmeal, everyone!

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