Monday Mailbag

(posted so late today, it's almost Tuesday!)

From C in Kansas:

They wouldn't put the "h" there if they didn't want us to pronounce [vehicle], would they? And it IS an alternate pronunciation in my dictionary. So.... how do you guys pronounce things like "vehicular homicide?" No "h" in vehicular? Sure, you can mention it on your blog. Just be sure to include my Kansas twang. :-)

From Sally in MN:

Finally, snow forecast for MN - we're talking a foot or more, possibly. New "Snowplows are out" photo at my blog.
Okay, I thought of a combonym:
When your bra straps keep falling down or the undewire is poking you, you've got a "brablem."
Yesterday I was having brablems galore.
Take care!

From Dymocks, the official bookseller of Australia, where the Carrie Pilby cover was really great (but unfortunately I only have two of that version at home, so I tried to order more):

Dear C----,
This is an update to your Dymocks Online order DYMXXXX. The publisher of Carrie Pilby(ISBN:0733545548) advises that this book is no longer in print, and thus is not available. We have cancelled this item from your order, and apologise for any inconvenience caused.
The following is a list of all items in your Order and the current details
TITLE: Carrie Pilby PRICE: $16.32 QTY: 3 STATUS: Cancelled-Out of Print---------------------------------------Please note all prices indicated are in Australian dollars

Oh fudge.

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