Blog or not

I don't read blogs as much as I used to, and there very few I check every day. The reason isn't that hard to explain: Most of my friends' blogs are rarely updated anymore, and never very personal.

I have said from the beginning that it's bad for a blog to get too personal. There are really no advantages to putting your personal life on the internet, except, well, more people will read it if you do. But where does that get you?

I'm a writer, so for me it's part of my profession - a nice way to stay in touch with people who are kind enough to read my stories, and it's still a way to update or amuse friends on occasion. But I'm sure the time will come soon when I only post once every few days.

Four years ago, people were very naive about the internet. Several people got fired for blogging about their jobs, or during work time. For some reason, it never occurred to them that the boss could find them on the internet.


We haven't heard too many of those stories lately, because people are smarter, or at least less naive.

A few of my friends who used to write about dating have stopped. Probably a good idea.

Some people who started off anonymously have toned down their blogs because they are no longer anonymous.

Now we can wait for the next horror - growing older, having kids, and finding our kids' diaries!

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