Woke up, put on clothes, went to work.

Today I got a piece of junk e-mail whose subject head impressed me, as it was written in dactylic monometer! Dactylic monometer is a fairly rare poetic meter, moreso in junkmail subject lines. Here was the subject head:

Itching, dark urine and clay colored stools

Or, properly versed:

Itching, dark
urine and
clay colored

It was actually written as "clay c()l()red st()()ls" so as to throw off junk mailers, but it was possibly also going for that cummings use of unusual punctuation and grammatical types. Even the capitalization is off.

Note carefully that the accent is always on the first of three syllables. Dactylic words are "beautiful" and "yesterday." "Itching-dark" and "urine-and" would also fall into the category, although in this case, the poet uses two words to achieve the DA-da-da DA-da-da effect.

So let's recap:

Itching dark
Urine and
Clay colored

Maybe I will scan the actual message later to see which meter the poet used.

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