Woke up, put on clothes, didn't go to work.

I think I've finished a draft of the first half of the novel. Now, there are no xxx's in it and I don't have to move things around. All that took is three years. There will be more revisions anyway.

Today's topic: People complaining about how press 'overcoverage' of the Sept. 11 anniversary. Listen, folks: The only reason that it seems like overkill is because every media outlet in the country covers it. The only way to avoid "too much coverage" would be if CBS and CNN voluntarily decided not to cover it because FOX and ABC were already doing it. Then they'd be negligent. It's an important event and has to be covered.

People also complained about the media covering the "duct tape" scenario. Well, we had the government telling us they'd raised the terror alert. People kept asking what they could do about it. No one was giving them an answer. And someone had a suggestion. It would have been unfair not to cover it. The media doesn't promote fear, and in fact, people aren't scared easily. They're still living in New York, skydiving and eating sushi. But they wanted to know if there was anything they could do, so someone gave a suggestion.

I will admit to one thing. We killed Princess Di!

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