What a drag it is getting old

Things I can't eat now -- most of which I could eat as a kid

1. Ice cream (unless I take a lactose pill with it)
2. A big wad of fresh wet mozzarella (ditto)
3. Chinese food with MSG
4. Too much stuff with asparteme. A little is okay. But yesterday I drank sugar free fruit punch and had something else, I forget what, but it didn't help. (Actually Asparteme/Equal wasn't available when I was a kid, but.)
5. Probably more stuff someday. Drat.

Things I used to eat a lot as a kid that I don't bother eating now

1. Sugar cereal (I like it but I don't eat bkfst at home too often)
2. Hot dogs (no thanks)
3. Donuts (not good for me)
4. Peanut butter & jelly sandwiches (although I had one last week - that felt good!)
5. Yoo-Hoo

Things I ate because my mother made me, that I'd never eat again if I can help it

1. Canned vegetables
2. Chicken roll sandwiches (gross)
3. Rye bread with seeds
4. Omlettes with onions. I like onions, but not in eggs
5. Meatloaf

Things my mother lied to get me to eat

1. "Girl Scout spaghetti." (It was really green spaghetti made from spinach!!)

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