Trivia went well tonight and was relatively crowded. A special thank you to the "veterans" who came out tonight after a while of absence from trivia! That means Blerg, J.C., the Mets fan, travel-writer guy, and anyone I'm forgetting.

Jon B. was an excellent co-host.

I got myself into a bit of trouble when people disputed my visual round twice. They thought my photo of a greyhound was actually a whippet, and that my Scottish Terrier was really a "West Highland White Terrier." They said that a West Highland Terrier IS a Scottish Terrier. Maybe it's true; I don't know. But I had to make a quick executive decision. Half the room wanted me to decide one way, and half the other way.

So if you ever host trivia, make sure you have your answers right, because drunk smart people can get really bloodthirsty!

Update: I see the confusion. These breeds look similar. However, a West Highland White Terrier has shorter ears than the Scottish terrier I had pictured. So my decision was correct.

Whew, I can sleep better tonight.

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