Microsoft Word 9.0

For some reason, I can't open Microsoft Word. It starts to open and I see the hourglass, but that's where it ends...it freezes permanently at the square screen saying "Microsoft Word" etc. and the hourglass. It doesn't finish opening.

After I try to open word and I ctrl alt delete to get out, it says:

The system is dangerous low in resources!
Would you like to terminate the following application?
Winword [Not responding]

There are no other programs still open, as far as I know, except for Windows.

I accidentally must have pressed something this morning that did it.

So for any of you who really know this stuff (more than what I know)

I deleted Word and reinstalled it, including the Microsoft Works office suite. When it turned itself off and rebooted, it said, as it was rebooting,

Could not upgrade the file from %1 to %2
Windows could not upgrade one or more system files
If Windows fails to start run SETUP again

Windows did start, though. And all my other programs are fine. But I can't start Word or open a program that's in Word (unless I do it as a text file after uninstalling Word).

This all has something to do with Windows Explorer 5.5 but not sure what.


On another note, thanks to those who said you liked my tribute to Meg the dog! She was a sweetie and I miss her. I wasn't going for any high writing quality (obviously), just writin' about my dawg.

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