Why is it that I have shelves full of books I have to read, and I still go to the library to take out more? I think I subconsciously believe that one weekend, there will be a bad snowstorm and I'll be stuck with just cocoa and all my books, and I'll need plenty to read.


I will have a short story in this anthology that will be out at the end of the summer. It got posted on Amazon today. It should be shipped well before its official pub date.


The topic of blogs came up in my writing group, and someone said, "Isn't that narcissistic?" Actually, I feel like today's entry is pretty narcissistic. I promise that next week I won't write about my works-in-progress. I know it's gotten a little boring.

Generally, though, criticizing blogs as narcissistic is silly. They're just diaries that a few friends are privy to, or in my case, friends and people who are goodly enough to have read my writing. A diary is SUPPOSED to be about yourself.

It's not like there are only, say, five addresses on the web and each of us is dedicating one to our solipsistic screeds. I'm just putting some thoughts into cyberspace in case anyone cares, and I don't falsely believe that hundreds of people do (because they don't). Mostly, I use this blog as a way to keep up with friends and readers.

An interesting take

...on what publishing is like for a young writer whose idea is not tailor-made for the market.
Not every Ivy scribe gets a big book deal.


I hope everyone has a good weekend. (Note to self: I have to write my "Regina" post on Monday or Tuesday. Nothing scandalous; I just thought of it today and should write it.)

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