Go to your room!

That used to be the worst punishment as a kid. Having to go to my room. Everyone else would be watching TV in the den. I'd hear them in there. Not only was my family all there without me, but I was missing all the good shows.

Sure, I liked to draw comic strips, but I liked doing it in front of the TV, where everyone else was. I didn't like being away, missing the party. There was NOTHING to do in my room.

I doubt that's a big punishment anymore. Kids have everything in their room - the internet, probably a TV, video games, a phone. I never had any of those in my room. If there was TV to be watched, it was on the big set in the living room, and my brother and I basically controlled it after the news was over. My mom watched what WE wanted. We knew the prime time schedule by heart. She couldn't stand Laverne & Shirley, but we still tortured her with it every Tuesday.

I wonder about today's kids and certain things that have just slowly gone out of fashion or changed without me realizing it. What are punishments today? Probably no internet. No talking on the phone.

I had another example of this, but I forgot it. It happens when you get old.

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