Pigeons and dogs

I haven't seen the pigeon with the broken wing since before the blizzard. At least I haven't seen his body, either, so maybe he's alive somewhere. I wonder if I could have helped him. If I'd called the humane society's 'pigeon rehabilitator' the pigeon would have been captured and maybe kept in a cage to heal, but would that have scared him for weeks? I don't know.

What is odd, though, was that he was always in front of the exact same address, whether pecking in the street or just sitting near the doorway eating. Pigeons all look alike to me, so imagine how many of them you are passing every day that are the same pigeons in the same places, and you didn't even realize it...pigeons have an address too.

More odd animal behavior: Dogs know you by your scent, and it's completely different from everyone else's scent. But to you, you smell like absolutely nothing. And you use soap, shampoo, etc. So how does a dog differentiate? Well, it does. A dog can go years without seeing someone, and then happen to walk past them and all of a sudden recognize their smell and go crazy wagging. Amazing.

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