April showers

It rained all day here in the metro area. It is going to rain a lot this month. It always does in April. And people start forgetting that it does this every year, and they complain, "I can't believe it's raining this much." Don't be surprised.

I saw an '80s cover band called Spit-Roast Muppet yesterday. Those guys are talented.

I got a nice e-mail today, this one from a mom in Arkansas:

I've only before been compelled to write to an author whose book I despised so this is new for me. I so enjoyed Carrie Pilby and identified with her that I had to write and tell you.

It's still saying on Amazon that it takes 3-6 weeks to get copies, but it's not true. I have to write and bug them. My editor said that they definitely do have copies.

Has everyone heard about the Page 6 New York Post author who supposedly tried to extort $$ from a subject of the columns? If true: Dumb. Very dumb.

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