Hubby and I spent a relaxing weekend on vacation. We were facing the ocean and boardwalk. (Technically, it wasn't a boardwalk because it had no boards. It was also touted as being three miles long, but a mile marker sign near the end said 2.5. Hmmm! It's just inferior to New Jersey.)

It was lovely to hear the waves crashing at night, and see dolphin fins in the water in the morning. There was a Jacuzzi in the room taunting me. Us preggo types can't sit in hot tubs, although luckily hubby was nice enough to take advantage of it for both of us.

I did briefly swim in the indoor pool. It feels good to have all of my weight floating instead of pulling on me...

We walked a LOT. Definitely good exercise, although between that and BEA on Wednesday, I have blisters on my foot now. I'll have to stay closer to home today.

Hubby also drove both ways, so kudos to you, hunky hubby!

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