The Sex and the City movie

I'm looking forward to it because it's going to be funny, but I'm pretty sure it won't be as good as the last movie. If none of the women are dating (well, except Samantha), right away that kills some of the fun. Who wants to only hear about their babies and husbands?

What I'm really bothered by, without having even seen it yet, is this: From the previews, I don't think it will be consistent with the show. In the series, Carrie chose Mr. Big over Aidan, because Carrie is into superficial things like fashion, money, nightclubs, etc. Mr. Big is into those things too. Aidan is a "guy's guy" who likes nature and simple things. I'd definitely choose him over Mr. Big, but Carrie would not.

Carrie couldn't stand Aidan's house in Suffern. She walked his dog and the dog ran away. There was an episode in which Aidan wanted to sit home with his bucket of fried chicken and watch a fight on TV. Carrie wanted to go to a party at a gay bar rather than snuggle with him. They were two good people, but not right for each other.

So in the movie she's supposed to be bored with Mr. Big and then get excited because when she's vacationing with the girls, she sees Aidan. How are we supposed to believe this? Aidan represents everything she really is not attracted to: woodworking, country house, dog, stability. Carrie is New York City, nightlife, shopping rather than creating things, and no pets.

I may just have to suspend my need for consistency and laugh. I do miss those girls and their breakfast banter.

By the way...tonight was one of my favorite episodes on TBS - the one where Mr. Big has to bribe a horse-and-buggy driver to bring him and Carrie to the hospital because Miranda is having her baby. The ending is really sweet. It was the first episode of the new season after 9/11, and there's a little note of dedication to New York at the end. My kind Hubby watched the ending with me even though I warned him it would make me cry. It takes a good man to watch SATC.

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