Eatin' and readin'


Hubby and I did some eatin' on Friday night so I can write a food review (well, more like a restaurant profile). Here's a photo of the "pound cake French toast" for dessert. I had never heard of this item, but it was delicious. Apparently there are recipes for it on the 'net, as well. I told my dad about it, as he's a big French toast fan. Maybe I'll be able to lure him up for some.

That's heavy cream and hazlenut ice cream in the middle, which I largely skipped.


Most of us unfamous writers know that it's very rare for your publisher to do a lot on the publicity side - they are busy with many books. It's important for the author to promote his/her book him/herself, even if bold self-promotion is not the hat we're used to wearing. (Most of us prefer to stay inside looking out the window at the other self-promoters.)

I've finished working on a press release for the new edition of Carrie Pilby, as well as a publicity kit that goes with it, including an excerpt from the first two pages, some articles, and even Carrie Pilby Post-It notes. I bought fluorescent blue and yellow envelopes to mail it out in. Even if one person is looking at the release on the bus, someone else may see it over their shoulder. And who knows who that next person may be?

Today I sent out four packets to four major consumer mags. It's not like I'm gonna spend a ton of time on this, but now's the time to spend a little bit, so I'm glad I got these out.

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