Book Expo of America

I managed to get to the Book Expo of America in NY today. I got some great books, saw a few old friends, learned about trends in young adult publishing, and actually meet the editor who handled the new teen edition of Carrie Pilby. (I also finally got copies of the new edition in the mail - the cover and inside stuff looks great!!) In a future blog entry, I'll plug a few of the books and organizations I came into contact with.

One of the neat things about BEA is sometimes celebrities are there to sign their books, and it may be under the radar because so many other things are going on. For instance, I got a great seat to see a Spin Magazine guy interview Rick Springfield about his upcoming memoir. (As you can tell, I only went for the most intellectual events. No, seriously, Rick is talented, and what an '80s icon he was. Not just for the music, but the appearances on General Hospital!)

Below: some video of him talking about why he'll never let "Jesse's Girl" be used for an ad, or at least, not with the words changed. You get exclusive footage of him singing the never-will-exist Golden Grahams/Jesse's Girl commercial: "Where can I find a graham cracker like that?"

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