This is nothing new

In a piece of trend journalism, the NY Observer writes about how lots of young male writers create protagonists who have emotional issues or are anti-heroes.  This is really something new?  Look at Holden Caulfield.

And it's a reach to string together the protagonists that the author links.  Ned Vizzini's main character in "It's Kind of a Funny Story," who has emotional problems, is not a bad guy; he just suffers from depression, a mental health issue.  The new book by this Sam Munson fella sounds really interesting and I'd like to read it, but I doubt it's the same thing as Vizzini's character or the others mentioned, y'know?

While I'm writing about writing, here's a brief update on my own writing:  Revising a teen novel (not the one I'm usually revising), also in the midst of an adult novel, hoping to get the former to an agent this month and the latter some time this summer.  

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