Who could ask for anything more?

I get up, we put our laundry in, walk two blocks to the Italian deli where all the young men in town get their huge hoagies before the big game every Sunday.  This deli has been featured in Esquire for its sandwiches and fresh wet mutz.  I told my hubby about it when we were dating, and his eyes lit up.  Today, it's a bigger game, so in the deli, they're slicing up fresh wet mozzarella, slinging sundried tomatoes, slicing bread more than ever.  They tell a customer that it's a quieter vibe this year because the Giants aren't in it.

I pick up a couple sandwiches, some frozen lobster ravioli for later, and a little cheese to melt over the stuffed mushrooms I'm going to attempt tonight.  Then I come home and we finish with the laundry.  We have to walk downtown to Barnes & Noble later and do some errands, then come back to our apartment to eat the hors d'ouerves and watch the game.

It's nice to be young and in the city.

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