T-Mobile commercial

Never mind the Saved By Zero commercial...the worst commercial on the air now is the T-Mobile one.  It's the one where the dad is talking about his T-Mobile services and his son says something like, "Now you can call that woman you're always staring at at my soccer games."  The dad looks totally busted.  But then his daughter says she wants to call Derek, and the dad says, "You mean Derek with the mustache and the Mustang Derek?"  Then he says there's a no Dereks with mustaches clause and adds teasingly, "What a drag...dude..."

But really, who is this paragon of morality to start in on his daughter when he's practically fornicating in his head every weekend and his son's ballgames?  Hypocrisy has risen to new heights.  Instead of telling his daughter whom she can and can't see, he should drop to his knees, beg for his wife's and son's forgiveness, promise not to lust in his heart, and then get a new hairstyle.

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