Old signs

Whenever I see an old community with antiquated signs, I worry that someday they will be destroyed and people will wonder what used to be there.

Anyway, I was on Broad Avenue in Bergen County today and took some photos of old signs. A few of them tell a story. 

Okay, this one is not incredibly old, only a 60s/70s-era sign, but I liked it anyway.  Fading and humble, this business was or is someone's dream, but it's not very flashy in this industrial neighborhood.

Who really stayed at the Toddle Inn? It's just an old house. I notice that the company is registered to a Mr. Angus Todd, who is or was an official in the town, but "Toddle Inn" is registered as some kind of parts supply company. My guess is, his family used to run the inn and when it went out of business, he kept the company name.

No surprise that there are vacancies.

Old sign next to the new.

Apparently the Rivoli-Rutherford (see the paint on the bricks) was a 1920s vaudeville theater.  They are supposed to be restoring it.

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