Your racist friend

So the Hubby and I were sitting at a basketball game. It was U Conn vs. Duke. There were some loud U. Conn fans near my husband (luckily, because he is a U. Conn fan) and some REALLY LOUD Duke fans next to me. One of them kept yelling pro-Duke things practically in my ear.

At one point, one of the Duke fans was talking about a U. Conn player and said, "Where is he from? Nigeria?"

So one of the U. Conn guys yelled to the Duke guy, "He's from New Hampshire. Way to be racist."

Uh oh, I thought.

The Duke guy yelled back, "Don't be so thin-skinned."

The U. Conn guy responded, "You see one black guy on the team and you say he's from Africa."


Anyway, Hubby just looked it up on the internet, and the guy really IS from Nigeria!

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