Steampunk. Do you feel lucky?

From Publisher's Lunch, the daily digest of books that are sold to publishers:

Children's/Young Adult
Lia Habel's DEARLY, DEPARTED, a maximalist, post-apocalyptic, neo-Victorian steampunk zombie novel in which a girl, whose blood is impervious to the "Z-virus," searches for her missing dad, is kidnapped by (good) zombies, falls improbably in love with a rather sweet zombie boy, and sets out to save the world from a zombie plague beyond imagining, to Chris Schluep at Ballantine, in a two-book deal, by Chris Lotts at Ralph M. Vicinanza.

And you may ask yourself: What the heck is STEAMPUNK!?!?!?

Well, it's a genre of young-adult literature that is historical, except, with futuristic inventions.
I suppose this came out of the love of Jane Austen-type romantic settings, combining them with the desire for vampire/zombie-supernatural type stuff.

No, I do not plan to write these or have any interest in them. I guess that makes me out of touch, though.
I am just surprised that something so odd has its own genre, but I guess you never know what will strike an audience!

So now you've learned something today.

By the way, did you notice that they mentioned the word "zombie" four times in one paragraph?

I should change my novel name to Carrie Pilby with Zombies.

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