I found my fudge! And it has a name: Caramoo


I wrote to the company yesterday:

The caramel crumble is exactly what I've been looking for for YEARS!!! I wrote a blog entry a while ago about this kinda crumbly fudge candy I used to get in the bulk candy section of CVS in the '80s that I adored.

I even sent them this letter months ago, but they said they didn't know the answer:

Years ago, in the early 1980s, CVS used to sell bulk candy that you'd scoop out of different containers. There was a really great vanilla fudge candy, individually wrapped, that had a picture of a cow on it. I loved it and it was delicious!!! At some point you stopped selling it, and then later you stopped selling bulk candy altogether (at least, as far as I can tell here in NJ). Can you tell me what company used to make those individually wrapped vanilla fudge candies you sold, or what they were called? Thanks! [email address]

I found out about Caramoo by looking around the web, and I saw a review on Amazon describing it. SO I ordered a few flavors. Caramel crumble is the one I've been searching for!

I'm going to tell all my friends and write about it on my blog, www.addledwriter.com. So thank you again for making such great candy...and for being so kind!

Caren ------
Caramoo fan

I said they were kind because UPS kinda botched my order so they sent me MORE!!

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