Vanilla fudge?

So far no luck finding my long lost vanilla fudge candies. They had the texture and taste of pralines without the nuts (good!) But they were sold individually wrapped as bulk candy.

Some have suggested Cow Tales (and thanks!) but that ain't it. And those are heavily caramel influenced.

I did find something similar in shape and possibly flavor, although it also has caramel in it. And the company is not that old, so I don't think it was around in the eighties. I'd love to try these and maybe eventually I will.

If they're chewy and stretchy like caramel, though, I'm not interested; I can find vanilla caramel anywhere. I want my old flakier vanilla fudge candies! Not creamy but craggy. They say that these are "crumbly" which would be perfect. I like fudge when it's been in the air a bit and gets a bit harder. If you've had New Orleans pralines, it's like that.

Here is a photo of a cross section of their crumbly caramels, which leads me to believe that maybe I would like these.

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