Life is not fair

On one hand, you have that family, the Duggars, who had their 18th baby last December and will have their 19th next March. Their cable show is "18 Kids and Counting." The mother just announced that she is pregnant with their 19th child and she turns 43 next weekend.

Meanwhile, you have a hopeful, childless couple from Australia, whose blog I ended up at a while ago (link is below).

They are 41 years old. This is the second marriage for the male half of the couple. His first marriage ended several years ago when he found out his wife was cheating. Anyway, after his divorce, he returned home, reconnected with a childhood friend, and fell madly in love with her. They got married.

Then, she got pregnant. Their first child was stillborn. Imagine carrying a baby for nine months and then having to lose it at birth?
After all of that grieving, they hoped to get pregnant again.

Then, luckily, they got pregnant again. She delivered successfully and they brought their baby home.

Six weeks later, the baby died suddenly from what doctors said was a 1-in-40,000 virus.

She got pregnant again last year, at the age of 40. Finally, they were going to have a baby! This week, at the age of 41, she gave birth.

This is their third loss. All they want is one baby. Not 18. Not 19.

Happening to have read about both of these events on the same day, it just seems so unfair. All the latter couple want is one baby. It is breaking their hearts.

The former couple just keeps having one a year and will be up to 19 kids. They also don't believe in certain prenatal care, and other refinments. Maybe they can give their next baby to the Australian couple and ease their pain? Okay, probably won't happen. There's really no conclusion here, just that it's really not fair at all.

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