Binghamton, N.Y.

Binghamton is a freight train hub.

Court Street

The lighting was just right on this one.

Note that the old wall sign advertises Coke as "delicious and refreshing, relieves fatigue" but...the two hanging signs in front of two stores advertise Pepsi!

Typewriter fixing is not as lucrative today as it once was.

According to Adorable Hubby, people say that this guy may be the next Jose Reyes. People were even singing the "Ole, ole ole ole" song when he came up to bat. Unfortunately, he got caught stealing a base.

Another guy who has been said to be on the rise for the Mets. These were both taken at the Binghamton Mets stadium (AA).

Furniture store

View from window in the morning.

TRIP RECOMMENDED, OR NO? Um, maybe, but only for one night if you like to go to minor league games and/or see old towns and freight trains. There was very little to see and a lot of businesses were closed. Maybe pair it with stops in more interesting towns in Upstate N.Y.

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