In the news today:

"Feb 26th 2009 By Susan Johnston
If you wake up the morning after a one-night stand with a little something more than a hangover, should you able to sue the person who slapped you with that nasty case of crotch cooties? A 56-year-old woman in Riverside County, Calif., was recently awarded over $7 million after contracting genital herpes from a partner, a 77-year-old man who had genital herpes for over 25 years and failed to mention it.
The man also failed to use a condom, so now the woman has genital herpes, too, and said she was denied health insurance after contracting the sexually transmitted disease."

My comment on this:

I'm glad she won. He should have said something to her before they had sex. Willingly passing on a disease is criminal. She probably thought he was safe because he was 77. What a (shriveled old) d---.
He might have gone on to infect half of Florida if not for this!

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