Happy 420

On the radio this morning, they said it's the "Stoner's New Year" because 420 is a nickname for marijuana. (It comes from the police code for marijuana: 420). I'm glad there's another nickname for it; there simply aren't enough. Grass, pot, hootch, maryjane, and weeeeeeed are not good enough. Let's not forget a doobie, a joint, etc....

4/20 is also Hitler's b-day and the anniversary of Columbine. So all in all, I guess drugs are actually the best thing about the day.

I didn't get a chance to post yesterday, but there are more 'rejected wedding songs' to come from the Offspring, Sublime, and many more. Don't touch that dial!

I read that the idiot(s) who sodomized the dog in Newark have been captured. At least, suspects have. And...the doggy was adopted by the vet tech who had treated her every day. The tech also has four cats and another dog who will welcome their beautiful friend.

I hope everyone has a lovely Friday and a good weekend. It's going to be warm out, the Boy tells me.

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