Recently I was in a computer room of a library. Someone who had used the computer earlier was still logged into AIM. So I got an IM from one of her friends. This conversation followed:

PERSON IM'ING: my cell got stloen this wknd.. i need ur # again
ME: how will ou be able to call me if yr cell got sstolen?
PERSON IM'ing: cause i ogtta get a new 1
ME: oh. well, i'm not the person you think i am...i'm at a terminal that someone left on at a computer library. sorry to hear about your cell tho!
PERSON IM'ing: if u dont kno my fried.. sign off under hin name
ME: that is a very good idea. i think i will. but you have to improve your spelling young man!
PERSON IM'ing: man?... im a girl.....
ME: Is MD103xxy your boyfriend? How romantic! He must be pretty smart to be able to use this computer. Bag him so he can teach you spelling!
PERSON IM'ing: stfu.... it was a friggin mistake.. calm the fuck down...
ME: I'm only kidding. Watch your language, silly. Anyway, you are full of mistakes. And your swearing is not ladylike. I'm signing off now, because this isn't my account, but your boyfriend deserves someone without a pottymouth! Bye. (And calm down too...I'm only kidding around with you)
PERSON IM'ing: im from nyc im possed to have a potty mouth
ME: Actually you're right

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