Woke up, put on clothes, went to work.

Last night I went to two literary-related parties. And did no writing. I am going to try to find more literary events to go to, so I can keep not writing!

I was thinking about how technology changes while one's book is getting written and edited, and sometimes things get old and have to be revised again. I wrote Carrie Pilby in 1999, and had the main character using the personal ads in a New York tabloid. Today, she'd use computer ads, but most young people were not doing that back then. Things change fast. During the final edit, some time in 2002, I added a last-minute line about how she didn't want to use computer ads because it's less private.

When I was writing "Starting from Square Two" in late 2001, I put the word "blog" in quotation marks because they were kind of new, and not many people knew the term yet. By the time I got around to revisions, it looked silly in quotes.

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