I'm always looking for good suggestions of books to read, and now that summer's here, a few people have asked me for some of my own. So I've finally put up a list of some readable, great summer reads.

DISCLAIMER: I put a lot of emphasis on reading things that are enjoyable, not necessarily pretentious or hard to get through. So on this list, besides a 'classic' or two, you will find more popular stuff (and even an Oprah-endorsed book), but they're all books that I love to pick up over and over because they're compelling, readable, and leave me thinking about them later.

This is a motley crew of books, and they're on this list simply because I think you won't be disappointed if you pick them up. Some of them would be fun to discuss, too.

Oh, and I won't be adding anything new to it, so don't send me bribes.

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