Catching up

A few things:

1. To the lovely lass who commented that my coveted coconut patties can be found down South -- I know, but those all have chocolate on the outside, right? What I'd like to find are the ones with no chocolate. It seems as though only Criterion Candies in Asbury Park used to make them, and now they don't. Too bad - they were good! They came in vanilla and strawberry. Thanks as always, though!

2. Last week, someone on Amazon called the main character in my novel a "douche." On the heels of that, someone posted this comment on Goodreads. Ouch! Valid points, though. I know well that the novel isn't for everyone. Anyway, I responded.

3. I often make it seem like I posted these at a different time than I did. For instance, this one will say 12:06 a.m. even though I was sleeping at 12:06 a.m. I'm not so easy to pin down. Ha!

Have a good weekend!

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