Last r0und of memories

Janelle wrote in with a chaper of a book she wrote a while ago. And another reader, Mickey, submitted this:

"I was ten years old in 1965 and we were on vacation at my favorite place in New Hampshire near where my grandfather had built a small diner. We would eat there a couple of times during the vacation.
"I remember that he served the greatest tasting ice cream ever made. I always would order a big serving of Coffee flavored ice cream. I have never been able to find any that comes close to that brand.
"Anyway this story is not about my love for that ice cream, however it is about love. That was the year that I met a girl from Maryland, Clarkesville to be exact. That was the summer when I fell madly in puppy love with a girl. To this day I can remember her house number.
"I didn’t know anything about the anatomy of girls back then, but there was something about her that made my head spin. I have many found memories about those summers spent in Merrimack County.
"Some wonderful memories were born on those vacations. My happiest days were spent with my brother and father fishing on Chase Pond. "

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