Spotted in stores

On Saturday I went with a friend of mine to visit some friends in Westchester whose baby is nearly 2 years old and I haven't seen him yet. So I finally got to visit cute little Jackson. Hi Jackson!

Anyway, we walked to the main street and there was a Border's book store, so I had to see if my book was there. They had five copies in the teen section! That's pretty good. By the time I found them, said friend had already convinced some poor girl who looked about 14 to buy my book. She DID say, "It sounds interesting, actually." She was buying three or four books to take on a vacation. I signed one for her even though I she hadn't bought it yet. Hope I don't scar her for life. Anyway, thanks to my friend who talked her into it (if I can use your name, let me know).

The book was right beside to a lone remaining copy of Will Leitch's Catch from a few years ago. Will has a new book out, although not for teens. Actually, it could be for them too, I guess.

That's about it for book updates!

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