Wheee, my ship may have come in!

I got this in the mail today:

Seventeen television networks and studios and seven talent agencies have agreed, subject to court approval, to settle age discrimination allegations in connection with the hiring and representation of television writers age 40 or over...for a collective payment of $70,000,000. The settlement defines two classes -- persons age 40 or over who have previously written for television, and other persons age 40 or over who have been interested in writing for television.

Okay, so I'm not 40 or over, and I was a lot younger back when I sent in a few spec scripts...but isn't it funny that even people who wanted to write for TV may be included in the settlement?

The 24 networks, studios, and agencies "deny that they discriminate, but believe it makes sense to end the litigation, which has been pending since 2000. The court did not decide which side was right."

Hey, I want some money just 'cause I didn't have any contacts in TV or film when I got out of school. Why should the privileged get those jobs? Darn it, give me my two dollars!

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