The first Carrie Pilby-related Tweet

Thanks to literary agent Janet Reid for Tweeting about my book! It's still set to be re-released in July. I guess I really should update my website fast.

Regarding the Tweet under the one about Carrie Pilby...is there really a cupcake truck? And why would that not surprise me? Do Rachel and Nichelle know about this?!

HOLY CRAP, I just clicked on Rachel and Nichelle's cupcake blog and oh my God look at the key lime cupcake featured on it.
  1. Janet ReidJanet_Reid I didn't know CARRIE PILBY was being re-released! That's GREAT news! I loved that book!
  2. Janet_Reid It's too bad @susan_adriani doesn't like sushi. I guess we have to lunch at the cupcake truck.#poorpoorpitifulme

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