Partial ocean view

This weekend, we were at a hotel on the beach. I booked the room partially based on the "partial ocean view." Well, the only way you could see the ocean was from a little window high up above the toilet! Do you think that should count? I don't.

I guess it should have said "partial view of the water." Ha ha ha.

I'll put up a few pics. It was Cape May, NJ. I think I prefer Wildwood. Both beach towns are at the southern end of NJ. Here's what's the same and what's different:

Cape May vs. Wildwood

The beaches of Wildwood are free and have the finest sand. Cape May had some nice sand too, but is $5 for the day. Both places are also big on miniature golf and candy/fudge shops. Architectually, Wildwood is known for its kitschy '50s hotels. Cape May has beautiful Victorian houses and bed-and-breakfasts. Wildwood has a boardwalk with amusements, so it's a much better place for kids. Cape May is better for us fogies. It has a boardwalk too, but only a few shops on it. For me, Wildwood also has the memories of the once a year my parents took me and my bro there as a kid. It hasn't changed, really. Not like, ahem, Asbury Park.

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