Pittsburgh and D.C.

We took a road trip to Pittsburgh and D.C. over the past week.  We were bad luck for the Mets, who lost both games we attended (sorry, guys), but other than that, it was a fun trip.  (And thanks, hubby, for all the driving!!)

I found Pittsburgh to be a very colorful city with lots of old and interesting buildings worth photographing, so I did, as you can see below.

Things I learned:

1.  A waitress in Pittsburgh might just look at you like you're crazy if you ask for egg whites.
2.  She will, however, offer you hot sauce on your eggs without batting an eye!
3.  Pittsburgh has lots of old historic theaters that are currently used as...theaters.  It was and is more of a cultural mecca decades ago than I realized.
4.  Most of the bridges in the city are yellow, because of the colors of the sports teams (my hubby explained it).
5.  Hockey is BIG.

Here are perhaps my three favorite photos from Pittsburgh.

Some other representative shots...

Eventually in another entry I'll post some photos of old signs I saw painted on buildings, always a favorite topic of mine because they are such a clue to past history.

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