Those half-deserted streets

Even though I took a lot of photos in Paterson yesterday, why did I settle on this seemingly ordinary one to post today?  It makes me think about the people who live on this block in Paterson.  It's just around the corner from a main downtown street full of bars and old shops, and across the street from the waterfalls, but decades removed from any real liveliness.   The silk industry left town eons ago, so this street slumbers quietly, with people passing through town not realizing the neighborhood's significance or history.

Imagine strolling this street on a hot summer night.  In the distance, the sign for the liquor store blinks on and off, and if you approach, you can hear its low buzz.  The muggy air sticks to your skin, and you look off, not seeing anyone else, knowing that they are likely inside, in front of those TV sets you see glowing blue through the open windows.  Most people are smart enough to be off what have gradually become less safe streets.  You are looking for something but you don't know what - maybe signs of life where there used to be so much.

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