A perfect writing day

The week before the storm, I took several days up to finally pound out parts of a novel that I've worked on here and there for a long time.  There were too many ideas rolling around in my head, but no blocks of time to concentrate on it. 

The first day off, Tuesday, I set right to work that morning, not wanting to wait any longer.

I had a perfect writing day.  I revised and shaped the first 47 pages, and enjoyed a nice, warm black and white cookie on a cloudy day.

There were no distractions, and I got done what I needed to.  I felt a lot better after I had organized the foundation for the rest of the novel. 

The rest of that week, I did more writing, article fact-checking, and a few tasks around the house.  The reports of an oncoming storm got more dire, so I kept making quick trips to the supermarket.  Luckily, I was off and had time to prepare.

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