Grade A Baby Eggs

I recently went to the Book Expo of America.  It's held in New York every year for three days, and it's a wonderful place to bump into your writing/publishing friends, see what the hot new books are, talk shop, and pick up free goodies.  There was a lot more energy this year than last year and many more interesting books, so despite the economy, seems to me that there is still a real enthusiasm out there for publishing.  Perhaps it is electronic publishing and self-publishing that's fueling some of the excitement.  In any case, people are still excited about books.

One of the books that caught my eye was called Grade A Baby Eggs.  It's an infertility memoir, and the author was there giving out free plastic eggs with silly putty in them as well (hey, you do what you can for publicity!)  I chatted with her for a few seconds about baby-making in your 40s and I told her I'd mention her book on my blog.  It's about the least I can do when I snag a free book that's of interest.

Her book really is interesting -- optimistic but not sugar coated.  She got remarried around the age of 44 to a guy who'd been a lifelong bachelor.  His parents were in their 90s and waiting forever for him to continue the family legacy with grandchildren.  She already had two daughters, but the couple wanted a child together.  The book takes us through every step of her journey, and it 's very realistic rather than having an ending in which a baby pops out suddenly with no work or mishaps.  There are hormone injections, disappointments, scientific trials, etc.  I'm not going to give away what happens.  The couple has to make some hard choices.

Here's the author's website, which has some fun links:  http://gradeababyeggs.com/2012/05/grade-a-baby-eggs-wins-book-award/

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