Been there

This morning, I went outside with my daughter to go pick up some stuff at CVS.  I realized there was a young woman (early 30s? 20s?) kind of poised on the bottom of our stoop, balancing a box of Bud Light cans on the railing for the steps.  I said, "Oh, do you need me to hold the door?"  She shook her head no and said she was going up the street.  She had just stopped to rest for a second as she made her way home with the heavy box o' beer.

I kind of smiled.  I remember those days.  She's probably a single girl, living with roommates, and they're planning a party tonight.  She's independent and didn't ask anyone to help her with the heavy beer.  But she's still gotta stop every block to rest for a second.

That was me a bunch of times, not necessarily with beer, but with some heavy item, knowing I'd get it back to my apartment even if it took me a little longer.