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After Zach eats, which is often, he needs some upright time to digest his food. So at 4 a.m., after his latest binge, I held him in my lap and boredly looked at some of my old blog entries.

And wow, has my life changed in only four or five years! Check out what this entry says I spent the month doing. I always figured that while I was alone, I might as well be productive. Still, I probably spent some time that weekend trading e-mails with prospective dates...

I would have rather sat by the fireplace (see photo) with the hubby, but I don't think I had met him yet.

Here's another tidbit of things I was doing, and a photo of me with much longer hair.

On a humorous note, here is an entry I like from March of '06:

ENTRY FROM 3/12/06

My totally awesome day

Before, I was doing my taxes and decided to eat some nerds candy. I accidentally dropped one of the strawberry Nerds and couldn’t find it, so I got a flashlight and began crawling all over my rug looking for the Nerd. I spent at least 10 minutes looking around my room for the Nerd. (And yes, ha ha ha I DID look in the mirror, ha ha ha you so funny.) I found it. Breathe a sigh of relief. I don’t want to attract any creatures with extra goodies.

Earlier today, I went to meet my mom for her birthday lunch, and I went to throw my credit card payment into the mailbox on the corner. But instead I threw my mom’s birthday card into the mailbox. So then I had to throw in three notes for the mailman saying, “Please put blue envelope that says MOM on it into [my address].” My mom didn’t seem to care because she still got to eat lobster.

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