Reader mail

I got this via Facebook. Clearly this reader is after my own heart since she mentioned the hurricane!

Hello, I'm [name], I'm French. And I had the occasion to read one of your book “the life (not very) cool of Carrie Pilby” and I really loved this history and your style of writing. I thus made a point of congratulating you by this message.

Thank you to have occupied me the spirit during 2 days, I think of reading again it LOL

Do I've a small question to pose to you if that does'nt cause you disturbance, will be written one following “Carrie Pilby” which could be published in France?

I live in Martinique, close to St Marteens in the Caribbean, I hope that the Earl hurricane will not do too many damage towards on your premise.. :D

For anyone wondering, there IS a Carrie Pilby sequel, but not in French. It appears as one of three novellas in a collection HERE. That's about it as far as sequels go!

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