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There are a lot of mentions of La vie (pas) tres cool de Carrie Pilby on the web. It's one of the first releases from French Harlequin Teen and it came out there a month ago.

Here's what one person wrote on her blog, as translated by Google:

Summary: Not easy to live your life when you feel a girl apart and found the hypocritical world.

Constantly disappointed and tired to ask a thousand questions, Carrie is definitely much refuge under his blanket. However, a secret voice whispers to give a second chance ... by throwing a few challenges. Notably, "Making an important meeting" and "Saying 'I love you" to someone "...

My opinion: This is a book in which he generally does not happen much and which can easily take heroin flu ... But it is also a book that gives cause for reflection on oneself.

Carrie asks a lot (too) questions. Carrie has one side a bit pedantic: as with a High IQ more than average, it tends to find "normal" people are uninteresting. It is the sort who quickly judge people just on her looks. What logically force a loneliness that weighs more. Especially since Carrie is way ahead of his age: not even 19 she is already graduated from Harvard. Some find it unbelievable, it is actually difficult to live.

Sure, that's no excuse any lack of Carrie, her haughty side to the other, but I was sorry for her. Especially when she shares with us his reflections on life and our scoiété. She knows that she considers too quickly and too easily, it would make an effort, but too often it has taken bowls. Obviously it hardens. The loneliness that besets is also a way to escape it all.

But this is not the solution to everything. We follow its evolution and development during a period of several weeks. She learned to reach out to others, to accept them as they are and to gain acceptance of them.

Each meeting is a milestone in its progress and its importance for the rest of the route. Even if sometimes we say "roh but a lucky chance anyway!" I thought it was pretty well done.

This brings us to a final, simple, a little short perhaps, but to me much. It is an end "security blanket" that makes you want to shake his book as one would press a teddy bear!

In short, far from the chick-bed that could be expected, it is a book about the difficult access to the adult world of a young lady like no other, and yet one that may restrict attach and even identify with. I liked: o)

My rating: 9 / 10

Life (not) very cool Pilby Carrie (French Amazon link)

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