R.I.P., Agent Bill Maxwell

Oh no! Robert Culp died! I'm not old enough to have watched much of "I Spy," but I looooooooooved him in "The Greatest American Hero." It was the funniest show -- about a clueless special-ed teacher (William Katt) who suddenly ran into some aliens and was given a supersuit, but lost the instruction manual. A member of the most stepped-on element of society suddenly had powers, but didn't know how to use them. He would frequently try to fly and would bump into walls.

Then he met FBI agent Bill Maxwell, who was torn between wanting to disbelieve in the super suit...and getting another bust to increase his reputation. Culp played the constantly-hesitating agent with perfect comedic pitch. He nearly spat out every line, grimacing in skepticism.

I'm sorry I never got to meet him when he came around to local comic conventions (she says nerdily.) RIP.

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